Jonghyun talking to fans during a fansign 

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Key’s “King Kong” hint

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the only day that I actually wanted to be Lee Taemin

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I follow you because you post cute shinee and you're cute and I like your tags idk cute ppl ~(•o•~)


come here and et me hug you~~

Ok, it’s time to do my homework!

Iyalli, are you crazy? you need to write a 5 page essay about Ayotzinapa and make a chronology about the case… and it’s 9:30 pm!

well, yolo

Good night sweeties~

Jongkey vs Onew at making mango ice 

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"Come one, come all! Welcome to the Freak Show!"

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actual cutest person on the planet

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mr choi is very amused….

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how many followers until someone pretends to be my bias on anon

shinee - happy key skipping off stage in shanghai 

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